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Erica Alexander

Erica Alexander

Erica Alexander is a boss mommy, wonder woman, and fellow La Jolla shop owner that we love and want to support!  Erica grew up in La Jolla and after earning her MBA, she returned to make her dreams of opening a boutique and starting a family a reality.  Rica Boutique, located on Girard Ave. closest to the cove, brings you a laid-back Californian style. Erica strives to feature local and international labels that embody a "surfer chic meets bohemian gypsy goddess" vibe and she is 100% successful. La Jolla needed a contemporary, beach chic boutique and Erica answered our prayers.  Please, read on to our exclusive interview with Erica to learn more about this Wonder Woman and after that, do some online shopping at Rica. ;) 

Tell us a little bit about yourself....

What part of San Diego you live in?  Birdrock (YAY!)
Favorite color?  Charcoal Blue (is that a color?)
Favorite Netflix series?  oh man, I'm a Netflix JUNKIE.  We recently started watching Ozarks but it's not my favorite ever.  I'm really excited to start watching the new Narcos!  That's a hard question to answer!  So many good shows.

Would you consider your self a morning person or a night owl?  TOTAL night owl, unfortunately, because my children wake up at the crack of dawn.  Always. Tired.

Favorite item of clothing?  Oh, another hard question for me to answer. I think it would be an accessory for sure because I tend to cling to certain ones for months on end and use/wear them every day.  We have these new Zodiac charms at RICA in different styles and I layer them up in different ways daily.  I also use my Amuse Society big beach bag as an every day/diaper bag so that comes with me everywhere.  I love shoes too though, but don't really have a favorite...just love shoes (it was my first-word :).

Favorite travel destination?  My husband and I just got back from Croatia and Hungary and I am OBSESSED with both.  Mexico is my go-to travel destination though when we just want to get away.  Sayulita holds a special place in my heart.

Coffee? Tea? Matcha?  Coffee all the way.

Tell us a little bit about your inspiration for opening Rica? I had been working in the Film Industry in LA after college, and although I was living my dream there was something missing in my life and I was missing family time.  I had worked retail on and off since I was in high school and always loved it.  I decided to make it my goal to get back to San Diego and open up my own boutique.  

Why did you choose La Jolla?  I went to school in La Jolla and my parents have lived here since I was 15.  I love La Jolla and knew this is where I wanted to be both to raise my family and have a business.

Did you go to business school? I did!  I got my MBA at Loyola Marymount University.  

What is the most valuable thing you learned? I think I got out of it what I wanted...just a general knowledge of business.  Like I said, I came from the Film world and had literally never taken a business class in my life.  I needed a base and I think that's what I got in business school.  

What is the most valuable thing you've learned on the job?  Oh wow, I've learned SO much just doing the job and being the boss.  I've learned that there is ALWAYS something to do, haha, and the hardest part of being a business owner is managing people.

How do you juggle being mom & a business owner so well?  Oh wow, well thank you for insinuating I do it well, haha.  It is definitely a juggling act.  As I'm typing this up my 1yr old is crying in the corner and I had to plop my 4yr old in front of some cartoons to get a hot minute :).  I am more productive when I'm busy and have a million things to do, so I think keeping my plate full helps me.  Also, having a big responsibility outside of motherhood, I think, has made me a better mother because I'm refreshed when I come home from work and really cherish and appreciate my time spent with my kids because I know what it feels like to be away from them.  I'm also a work horse. I've worked since I was 15 and love it, truly.  I like having tasks and responsibility!

If you could fill your closet with one designer, who would it be? Amuse Society is really popular at RICA and I love everything they do. The price point is amazing as well so that always is a plus!  I also am a total jeans and tee kind of girl so I love tees from Chaser and have a million of them.  After RICA my favorite store is Zara and have a ton of pieces from there.

You have fantastic style. What is your go to outfit for the park with the boys? Thank you!!!  A cute romper is perfect for the park because it's easy to move around in.  Date night?  I'm really into bodysuits and hi-waisted pants right now.  Add a cute platform shoe, layered gold necklaces and straw bag and you're good to go.

What is in your purse right now? It's such a mom bag. It's always packed with extra clothes for both boys & diapers. Bene Balm Lip Tint from Benefit is the best. Souvenirs from our latest trip. And more baby things..snacks and wipes.

 Extra clothes for both boys & diapers. Bene Balm is the best! Souvenirs from our latest trip. And more baby things. 

Extra clothes for both boys & diapers. Bene Balm is the best! Souvenirs from our latest trip. And more baby things. 

Favorite place to eat out in La Jolla? I love Catania for Italian and Puesto for sit down Mexican!  

In San Diego?  My husband and I just went to Sushi Ota for our anniversary. Definitely one of my faves in San Diego!

Well, there ya have it!  We hope you enjoyed reading up on this incredible woman that we feel so lucky to know.  Keep doing your thing, Erica!

xoxo Hi Sweetheart

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