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Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson

Erin brings light & love to our La Jolla community through her non-profit Live + Breathe: A Yoga Cause.  Live + Breathe is a collective of individuals who teach free yoga to special communities including patients at Rady Children's Hospital, the elderly, refugee communities and at-risk youth. Erin also works as an interior designer at CM Natural Designs, a La Jolla-based firm specializing in residential, hospitality and retail design. CM Natural Designs has recently become a member of the   1% Program of Public Architecture  that connects nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance with architecture and design firms willing to donate their time on a pro bono basis. Read on to learn more about this Mid-Western gal turned beach babe with a big heart!  

Tell us a little about yourself...the basics...

What part of San Diego you live in? Windansea… my favorite place in all of San Diego :)

Favorite color? Definitely, blue! Marine blue, navy blue, midnight blue, cobalt blue. The blue that contrasts with such beauty and depth when paired in conjunction with a lighter palette. 

Favorite Netflix series? I use Netflix to laugh and learn via stand-up comedies and documentaries. Though, I will say that I am newly, albeit unoriginally and shamelessly addicted to Game of Thrones on HBO and watching it every chance I get.

Would you consider your self a morning person or a night owl? Morning person 100%. There is a chronotype test (click link to take quiz!) to back this up and I am considered a “lion” in that realm. Up before the sun. On the flip side, I turn into a pumpkin by 9.

Favorite item of clothing? Can it be shoes and sunglasses?… If so, that’s what I’m going with!

Favorite travel destination? Into the utter wilderness. I love to be in the middle of a forest breathing in the trees and soaking up the sunshine.

Coffee? Tea? Matcha? Tea! Jasmine green tea every. single. morning. I’m a creature of habit and am drinking a cup of it right now, as a matter of fact.

Tell us a little bit about Live + Breathe, your non-profit. Yes! Live + Breathe is a collective group of individuals who are giving back to the world through sharing yoga free of charge to special populations. We partner with organizations throughout San Diego (such as Center for Children, Radys, Special Olympics) and teach yoga classes at their location/facility which makes yoga easy to access and tailored to the students we teach and their needs. It’s volunteer led and run, purely for the joy and passion that comes along with investing in others and sharing knowledge gained along the way.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Depends on the day, haha! Pigeon for the hips, wheel for the heart and child’s pose for the mind.

How can our readers get involved in Live + Breathe? Connect with us online to volunteer, donate or partner up! We always have room for like-minded individuals who give what they can, where they can and when they can: www.ayogacause.org 

By day you work at CM Natural Designs...what is your favorite part about being an interior designer? Interior design allows the environment of one’s home or place of work to really impact how they interact and live within that space. I enjoy learning about my clients and understanding the importance of their own life (who they are, how they work, what they want to feel like) and then build - literally - a world around that. I want to capture what makes them happy and then employ that into their everyday setting. Whether it’s through architecture, lighting, artwork, furnishings or all the above. My favorite part is the ability to improve another’s surroundings to reflect the goodness within.

What is your design aesthetic? I love a great many variations of aesthetic. It’s the relationship of combining styles to bring together a warm, open, casual and inviting space with a touch of timelessness that I want to achieve.

What is the craziest/most fantastic piece of art of furniture you've ever put in a home? I have worked on customizing unique pieces for clients previously. Though, I would say that instead of art or furniture, it’s been creating whole spaces based around a love/appreciation that the client has. I have designed an entire Irish pub and a few fully functional wine cellars into homes. That was a treat to research!

You rock, Erin. Thank you for everything you do. 

XOXO Hi Sweetheart

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