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Conni Jespersen

Conni Jespersen

Conni Jespersen is a born-and-raised California gal, who has an impeccable eye for style and a passion for empowering women to feel confident from the outside, in!  She is La Jolla local whose style & lifestyle blog, Art in the Find, is followed by thousands around the world and combines fun & function! From "How to Wear a Tulle Skirt to Everyday Events" to budget friendly summer travel must-haves, Conni is a fount of knowledge and style.

I recently put her to the test and hired her for a Closet Edit and Styling Session! She is nothing short of a Wonder Woman. She patiently went thru my collection of old t-shirts, ill-fitting Anthropolgie sale items, and one-too-many-pairs of Superga sneakers. She put a few cute & comfortable go-to work outfits together & offered suggestions for updated closet staples; a leather jacket, a pair whites jeans and a pair of oxford shoes. And the pièce de résistance...a clean & organized closet with seasonal items neatly packed away, shirts folded and dresses hung on velvet hangers. She has since returned to tackle my husband's closet (thank you, Conni!) 

Read on to learn more about Conni, Art in the Find and her life in La Jolla!

Tell us a little about yourself...the basics...

What part of San Diego you live in?  Windansea in La Jolla

Favorite color?  I'm a big fan of most colors, but I'd have to say I'm drawn to blues!

Favorite Netflix series? Friends from College is my current binge show.  It's hilarious. But I love House of Cards and just finished The Crown.  Oh, and Master of None with Comedian Aziz Ansari is so, so good.  

Would you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl?  Definitely a night owl.  I have a power surge around 6 to 8 p.m. where I do a lot of work.  I have to force myself to roll out of bed in the morning. Lol.   Although, I love the quiet moments of the morning with a cup of coffee in hand when I do wake up early.

Favorite item of clothing?  Anything with a stripe!  If you know me or don't, you'd immediately be able to spot me in stripes.  I don't do it on purpose but I find that I just gravitate toward them.  But if you asked me what I wear most often, it would probably be my jean jacket.  So, I guess that's my favorite. A classic, casual piece. 

Favorite travel destination?  Anywhere with beautiful architecture and cultural history!  I just returned from a trip to Lisbon and I felt so visually and culturally fulfilled.  I'm always on the search to travel to places I've never been.  Cuba is on my go-to list!

Coffee? Tea? Matcha?  I LOVE a good cappuccino.  

Describe your personal style in 3 words... bright, feminine, polished

Who are your style icons?  A dear friend of mine, Patsy Marino, is a person who is so fearless with her fashion choices.  I am constantly inspired by her.  I love Olivia Palermo's style as a current favorite.   She's not afraid to mix great tailored pieces with fun prints.  I love Audrey Hepburn and Carolina Herrera as ageless icons of style.  

Let's talk about your fabulous blog, Art in the Find...

What motivated you to move on from teaching and start Art in the Find?  I had been teaching for 8 years, elementary and then middle school history.  There is such magic in being able to share knowledge with other people but I was finding that my inner creative-self wasn't quite as fulfilled as I wanted it to be.  I also knew that I loved visual creativity, fashion, and organization.  So I started exploring those aspects a bit more by reaching out to help my female friends (and their husbands) with recommendations for putting themselves and their wardrobes together in a way that made them feel confident and refreshed.  That jumped start my styling business three years ago.  Once I started wardrobe styling and my blog, Art in the Find, I knew I had found my calling. 

What are three basics that every San Diego gal should have in her closet?  

 A great one piece.  That could mean a jumpsuit or a cotton racer back dress for example.  I think that every gal needs an easy piece they can throw on in one step and feel good about themselves.  Sometimes you have those days where you have 5 minutes to get ready but you still want to look great.  The one piece can do just that!  

A great pair of jeans -  Jeans are such an everyday staple for every woman.  I recommend a nice, dark wash that you can wear both casually or dressed up.  Make sure the jeans fit comfortably around your waist (when you bend and sit, you don't have to give them a tug to pull them back up) and either hit right to your ankle or just at the floor (you don't want them to drag or bunch at the bottom).  

Flats -  Flats are my highest recommendation for women.  You should treat yourself to a nice pair of flats that are good quality.  Ballerina flats or pointed toe flats are my favorite and look so chic!   

If you could fill your closet with one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?  It's a tie between Oscar de la Renta and vintage Yves Saint Laurent from the 70's.  de la Renta has beautiful, feminine pieces with fabulous prints.  YSL has amazing tailored pieces that I absolutely love.  I'd be one happy woman with those designers in my closet for the rest of my life. 

Favorite thing to do on your days off when you aren't busy styling, event planning, closet organizing etc.?  That's usually a Sunday for me.  I love enjoying a cup of coffee, reading in bed.  I love, love, love a good book.  I usually start my mornings slow then try to get in some bike riding (on my Brooklyn Cruiser!) & social time with my husband and puppy, Miles and/or friends over brunch in San Diego.  I'm a very social person, so I love relaxing with my people! 

You are awesome, Conni!  

xoxo Hi Sweetheart

Looking to edit your close for the Fall?! Take advantage of Conni's reduced rate for the month of August! Book a closet cleanout for August & you'll get $50 off! 
Email styleiconnij@gmail.com!

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