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Kim Buffington

Kim Buffington

This Wonder Woman is the owner of Flowerchild, a trendsetter in floral design, fellow La Jollan, and someone we truly admire at Hi Sweetheart. Kim's talent for floral arranging and amazing creativity with event design are enviable! She is also an awesome mom to daughter Tatum and wife to local real estate agent and tennis pro, Brett!  We love chatting with Kim when she visits the shop and wanted to share more about this incredible Flowerchild and Wonder Woman. 

Tell us a little about yourself...

What part of San Diego do you live in? La Jolla

Favorite color? Purple

Favorite Netflix series? Narcos on Netflix

Would you consider your self a morning person or a night owl? Both. I stay up late reading in bed and get up early to work out. 

Favorite item of clothing? Do flip flops count as clothing? Cannot live without my Havaianas

Favorite travel destination?  Any place tropical.  I haven't been to many places so Hawaii is my favorite at the moment.  I think it will change to Bali!  Hope to travel there next year. 

Coffee? Tea? Matcha? None. Just drink mostly water and Moscow Mules (not in the am of course). 


We'd love to hear some more about Flowerchild, Kim! 

Your flowers are SO creative....Did you go to art or design school? If so where?  I'm self-taught. I grew up with a very crafty mom who was always sewing.  Creativity was always encouraged. 

How to do you balance your family life with running a very hands-on and creative business?  Scheduling is my friend.  Planning early-on helps too.  Oh, and date nights are during the week versus the weekends when I have to work most of the time.  When my daughter was younger it was a constant juggling act, but now it's easier.  She is 12 years old now, so she and her friends actually help out on some tasks for a little extra money.  Work and family life feel pretty balanced at the moment. 

If you could choose, what is your favorite flower or plant?   I love Peonies and Orchids. 

What are you favorite type of events to create flower arrangements for?  I love themed events!  This is when my designs really shine.  These events allow me to think outside of the box and produce a unique and memorable product. 

What is the wildest arrangement you've ever made?  I did a Playboy Mansion themed dinner party in a wine cellar.  I bought a female mannequin, dressed her up in fishnet stockings, high heels, and a wig, then I added a fresh flower bikini top and bottom.  She was placed laying down on the dining table on a bed of roses as the main centerpiece. 

What do you like to do in LJ when you aren't in the flower studio?  I love to workout, take naps with my three dogs, and go to the beach with my husband and daughter.  Honestly, I'm a homebody.  There's really no place like home for me.  You can always find me there tinkering around. 

You rock, Kim! Thank you so much for brightening peoples' lives with your talent!

xoxo, Hi Sweetheart

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