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Aja Lee

Aja Lee

Aja Lee is a La Jolla based musician, artist and educator. Her studio is located in the heart of the village and we love chatting with her in the shop. She is a creative "Wonder Woman" in our eyes, so read on to learn more about the wonderful Aja Lee!

Tell us a little about yourself...

What part of San Diego do you live in?  Law Street Beach, It's awesome, after 16 years in the middle of La Jolla I never thought I would love it so much over here!

Favorite color? Pink!, no Turquoise...as an oil painter this is a very difficult question! ;)  (http://ajalee.com/painting_gallery/)

Favorite Netflix Series? Ooooo, Grace & Frankie, those two gals crack me up, and it's based in La Jolla!

Would you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl?  Night Owl, actually I just had a special silent system built into my piano today so I can practice at night.

Favorite item of clothing? My Silk Kaftan from Italy has the cutest little stripe of Crochet and crazy Colors, my fav.

Favorite travel destination? So far, this place with these little round huts high up in the countryside of Sardegna (Sardinia), the amazing woman who built them puts handmade essential oils in each room and brings you vegan breakfast from the garden!

Coffee? Tea? Matcha?  Tea, Tea, Tea!! There is a pot of tea on from morning to night every day at my house :)

Let's talk music! 

What is your favorite part about teaching music to kids?  Watching their little faces when they connect with everything from their first note, to breaking through on a complicated concept, it never gets old & we are constantly entertaining each other.

If you could sing on any famous stage, where would it be? Oh, The Grand Ole Opry, so much history, but I also love the stage they use for Austin City Limits.

What is your favorite non-music related activity? Painting & Gardening

Any advice for a young artist trying to pursue music as a career? Yes!  Study, Practice, take gigs, and get more gigs, collaborate, get involved or become a member of things both local and worldwide, but most importantly stay authentic to yourself and check in often, and make efforts to stay balanced in life:)) also don't subscribe to anything that tells you you need them to be a real artist or anything that sends you negative emails every day- there is a LOT of that stuff out there and it just wears on musicians, we don't need that, I believe in musicianship spirit, we all need each other and there is no right or wrong, it's ART! (must read: Zen Guitar)

If you could pick any instrument today and magically add it to your repertoire, what would it be? Oh, thats a good one!  Trumpet, not everyone plays that and there's nothing like a nice trumpet solo, just so cool.

If you could put a four-piece band, who would you include? friend, famous, dead or alive... Ha! Let's see,  Jack White, I mean he just is so creative and would be fun to play with, Carlos Jobim, that guy puts the boss is Bossa Nova, Bono for amazing lyrics that mean something, and for drums, it would have to be John Bonham..   Oh no, thats five with me!  Sorry, I can't cut my dream team now.

Where can people see you perform this summer? I will be in La Jolla at Deja Vu Audio and Buddhi Yoga, Turquoise Bar on Turquoise, and in Europe for July-August.

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http://www.pandora.com/aja-lee https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/aja-lee/id558351192  



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Every month Aja plays a Sound Alignment Night at Deja Vu in La Jolla Village

Monday nights Aja plays at Buddhi Yoga for the 5:30 pm class. 


Hi Sweetheart loves you, Aja! Keep doing what you're doing. 

xoxo, Hi Sweetheart 

Cindy Nixon

Cindy Nixon