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Ingrid Lindfors

Ingrid Lindfors

Ingrid Lindfors is an artist on land & at sea! We love and support this "Wonder Woman" at Hi Sweetheart by displaying & selling her prints, photographs and mixed media work. Check out Ingrid's website or come by the shop to see her amazing pieces in person. Read on for an exclusive interview we had with Ingrid!

Tell us a little about yourself...

What part of San Diego do you live in? La Jolla

Favorite color? Green

Favorite Netflix series? Bloodline

Would you consider your self a morning person or a night owl? Both. When I get ideas, I can stay up all night refining them or working on an art project, but generally, I love to get up early!

Favorite item of clothing? Bikini

Favorite travel destination? Hard to pick just one...I love the Bahamas and Scandinavia in the summer. 

Coffee? Tea? Matcha? Coffee

Let's talk art! You are a prolific artist working in a wide variety of media...

What inspires you to create your art? The ocean and music

Do you have a favorite medium? Not just one. Photography, collaging, printmaking, and oil painting.

Do you create something every dayI absolutely create something every day. If not Visual Art, then I like to cook and entertain which usually turns into a giant piece of art on the table!

What is your favorite surf spot in San Diego?  Littlepoint

If you could work side by side a living artist, who would it be? Richard Serra. Or deceased Jean Michel-Basquiat

How long has Hi Sweetheart been stocking your artwork? Hi Sweetheart has had my work for about 2 years. 

What is your favorite thing about Hi Sweetheart? My favorite thing about Hi Sweetheart is that Molly, the owner, has such a unique style and she brings together many different flavors to create the best little shop in La Jolla. She has such a variety of colors, textures, and gifts I cannot find anywhere else in LJ. She is the best part of the boutique!

Thanks for doing what you do, Ingrid! You rock!

xoxo, Hi Sweetheart!

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