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Yellow is for Happiness, Positivity, & Clarity

Yellow is for Happiness, Positivity, & Clarity

The color yellow stands for many things including happiness, positivity, optimism, energy, intellect, enlightenment, clarity, joy, and more.  In the shop, we often like to arrange by color, making it feel like you are in a rainbow when you come in.  We thought we'd do a little tribute to the color yellow and feature some of the yellow books we have.  Read on for some daily inspiration and maybe some gift ideas. 

Get Happy! by Dr Anthony Gunn

Did you know that 50% of our happiness is determined by our genes? We didn't!  10% is determined by what happens to us in our lives, meaning that 40% of our happiness is in our control. 

Dr Anthony Gunn goes on to teach the reader ways to increase happiness.  One of our favorite little lessons we picked up from the book is counting our blessings.  Each night before bed, write down three things that went well that day. Then next to each event, write why that good thing happened. Researchers have found that regularly counting your blessings increases happiness & we can vouch for that! 

Happy Thoughts

All it takes is just a few happy thoughts to have a better day. This cute little book is great to keep in your purse for those not-so-stellar days.  Whip it out to read some happy thoughts and change your mindset. Here are a few of our favorite thoughts:

"Somewhere, someone thought of you today. And somewhere, that person smiled."

"There is overwhelming evidence that things are going to work out."

Don't Get a Job...Make a Job by Gem Barton

"This book celebrates the strategies that new generation trailblazers have use to carve out unique routes into the design world, and includes interviews and inspirational advice from well-known international designers who are now enjoying the successes brought about by their own "make a job" attitude."

We have fun reading the different inspirational stories in this book about real people, doing real things and how they created their own job doing what they love. It is a great read for design majors, recent grads, and anyone seeking some inspo.

Why You Make Me Smile

Ah, we love these fill-in books and so do our shop-visitors. They make for great gifts and we have a whole bunch of different ones for moms, dads, grandparents, kids, friends, etc.

There are 50 different things to fill-in. Here are some examples:

"Nobody else can ___________ like you."

"Your ___________ is seriously infectious."

Letters To Open When...

Fill-in the twelve letters in this book with pep talks, advice, loving words, and anything else for a friend, family member, or long-distance love.  

It will take some time to make this gift meaningful, but it is so worth it.  Whomever you gift it to will be able to read your words whenever they need them most. It is the greatest gift. 

If your interested in purchasing any of these cute yellow books, just click on its image and it will direct you to our shop website. :)

Wishing you all the happiness and positivity!

Xoxo Hi Sweetheart

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