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Craft + Foster Candles

Craft + Foster Candles

We are excited to introduce Craft + Foster, the newest LOCAL addition to the shop! We wanted to learn a little bit more about the owners, Chad & Melissa Burgess, their family & how Craft + Foster came to be. Read on for a little business advice and a lot fun facts about this creative duo!

Tell us a little about yourselves...the basics...

Names?  Chad & Melissa Burgess. We have been married almost eight years and have four kiddos: Zuri, Izzy, Ezra, and Cruz.

What part of San Diego do you live in?  We live in North County, Oceanside.

Favorite color? Chad: Is seafoam a color?  Melissa: am I allowed to pick gray and black?

Favorite Netflix series?  We have been binge watching Better Call Saul. We tend to stay up way too late watching whole seasons of shows. 

Would you consider yourselves a morning people or a night owls? Chad: can I say neither, I'm on point mid-day. Melissa: Night owl, I am a zombie in the morning.

Favorite item of clothing?  Chad: my watch. Melissa: not shoes, my feet feel trapped.

Favorite travel destination? Chad: I love the ocean...anywhere there is an ocean. Melissa: Singapore....really anywhere in Southeast Asia. 

Coffee? Tea? Matcha?  Chad: Coffee Soda (if you have never had one you have to go to Revolution Roasters in Oceanside. AMAZING!)                   Melissa: Coffee, A LOT of coffee...

Now, About Craft + Foster 

What is the origin of your company name "Craft + Foster"?   Craft because we are makers at heart, we are crafting amazing candles. And Foster because eventually, we want to be doing a ton of good with our business. Foster means promote the growth of, development of, encourage, care for and further ____________. We want to be a business that fosters community and connection. We want to help people. Whatever that looks like, whatever opportunities come our way, we want to do as much good as we can.  And to be honest we just really like the way it sounds and looks as our logo. 

When did you first start making candles?  Melissa: I hand-pour all our candles, my first candle was in 2015. I got a candle kit as a gift from a great friend, and it was really fun. So I made a batch and went with my friend to a market and people loved them. We started in markets here and there and landed our first store, Royalie in Oceanside, in late 2015, from there we just really took off.

What is your favorite scent in the collection? ChadWhiskey & Cola (that's my baby)  Melissa: Leather & Teak (so good!)

How do you balance your beautiful family and your business?   We are still trying to figure this out. It is so tough because building a business is like having a 5th child. Setting boundaries is super important, time that is specifically set aside to work and time specifically set aside for family. You have to be INTENTIONAL with all the time you have in the day. Set a schedule and then stick to it as best you can. And then include your kids in what you are doing. The girls help Melissa prep candle jars all the time (Izzy is actually really good at it). The kids take ownership of our business too, Zuri tells everyone that Logan (Hugh Jackman) sells our candles at Laughing Man Coffee in New York. 

What is your favorite song/music to listen to while pouring & packing candles? We love St. Lucia.

How long has Hi Sweetheart been stocking Craft + Foster candles?  Since May  

What is your favorite thing about Hi Sweetheart?  It's such a fun space, with a wide range of product, and Molly is super sweet. 

Follow Chad & Melissa on Instagram and be sure to come into Hi Sweetheart and snag one of their amazing candles. They are the perfect hostess or housewarming gift and of course, a special treat for yourself! 

Sending you love, Craft + Foster!

xoxo Hi Sweetheart

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