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Dreaming of Canggu, Bali

Dreaming of Canggu, Bali

The magical land of surf, healthy eats, adventure, yoga, & cute boutiques

When sitting in the shop, it's easy to drift off into wanderlusty thoughts.  We realize we are pretty lucky here in San Diego, but there are still so many places in the world we want to go to--once, twice, three times, and if we really love it, maybe annually! (That'd be the life, hey?). 

We went to Canggu, Bali this past April 2017 and it was AMAZING! It seems to still be undiscovered by massive amounts of tourists, so it isn't as crowded as other areas of Bali.  It is definitely an up-and-coming spot though.  If you are planning a trip and are unsure of your destination, GO TO CANGGU. We will let you in on some of our favorite spots:

Shady Shack

This food is to die for.  It is all vegetarian with vegan options as well.  The food is not only super healthy and fresh but it is so beautifully assembled! Our favorites were on the breakfast menu like the acai and pitaya bowls, as well as the fruit platter. Check out their Instagram to see what we are talking about. 

The Lawn

Head to The Lawn, a stunning restaurant, bar, chill out spot, to watch the sunset.  Order a coconut or cocktail to sip while you soak in the inifinity pool overlooking the ocean and cotton candy skies.  You won't believe your reality in those moments. 

The Practice

Highly recommend this yoga studio.  The studio itself is an architectural wonder and all the teachers are so kind and lead great practices.  You will instantly feel more at peace upon entering the studio with the serene atmosphere and smiles.  Oh, and you have to try their ginger tea after your class which is free with unlimited refills (we think it's unlimited)!

Dues Ex Machina

Dues kind of has it all. They have rad merchandise around their brand, they build motorcycles, they have cool art hanging on the walls, there is a delicious cafe, fun bar, and they have live music in the evenings!  It is in the center of town in Canggu, so you won't miss it. 

Dojo Working Space

There are a lot of digital nomads basing themselves out of Canggu, because for one, it is super affordable and there is such an inpsiring community there!  The Dojo is a members only co-working space that is open 24 hours.  They hold all sorts of events throughout the week and amazing food to fuel up on during your work day. 

Ithaka Coffee Shop 

Get a free coffee if you upload an insta pic and tag them! This is a fun little coffee shop with great breakfast and lunch food.  We also noticed that Harry Holiday, a local artist, had his works hanging on the walls here! How cool!

Old Man's Bar

This bar is pretty famous in Canggu and Wednesday nights are the nights to head on over.  It gets packed with travelers from all over the world and super friendly locals!  There is fun music to dance to and good drinks.  

Pretty Poison

Thursday nights get wild at Pretty Poison.  There is a skate bowl in the bar and you can watch some rad local and foreign skaters show off their stuff.  Then after everyone hangs out around the bowl and drinks the night away.  It is definitely something to experience!

Echo Beach

This is the main beach in Canggu and it is a great surf spot!  You can learn to surf there as well.  Just rent a board from one of the shacks on the beach.  If you are more of the sunbather then this beach is perfect for that too.  There are drink and food shacks lining the beach to refresh and stay hydrated.  You can hang out on their beanbag lounge chairs to really get comfy.  

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a famous temple 30 minutes outside of Canggu.  Rent a scooter and make a day of it!  It is so beautiful and really cool to experience some of the Balinese culture.  The people of Bali say that every day is a ceremony and there is always some sort of celebration going on.  


We hope this helped inspire a future journey for you!



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